evoloution products
1990-2003 : Pre-inception Stage

  • Promoter family has prior association with Agro, commodity & forestry products trading business.

evoloution products
2004-2006 : Inception Phase

  • After a decade long agro trading business, the group entered into new venture of manufacturing line i.e. with flour milling business.
  • Started Baba Flour Mill where in whole wheat atta as well as refine wheat flour was manufactured.
  • Forward again started Rice mill Inception in partnership.

evoloution products
2007-2015 : Diversification Phase

  • Established Buhler Modern Rice Milling of its own under the brand name of “BABA” in year 2007 & due to demand created from esteemed customers forced us to further expand by adding capacity further in year 2008.
  • Exited the from the partnership of rice mill.
  • Further established Buhler’s Ultra modern and fully high-tech & automated grain milling process with continuous parboiling and drying line in 2013.

evoloution products
2016-2020 : Growth Phase

  • Set up Ultra Modern Flour Mill - Whole Wheat Atta Processing unit in 2016. This was unique for India. We set up Buhlers’ Swiss PesaMill Technology for manufacturing of whole wheat high fibre atta with 100 tpd.
  • Launched Brand “PANCHAKANYA” & “BHAJAN” in 2016.
  • Expanded further with Roller Flour Mill by putting 100 tpd Refine wheat flour processing unit in same atta unit with product expansion of Refine Flour, Semolina etc.

evoloution products
2023-onwards : Geographic Expansion

  • Seeing the growing market demand, product acceptance and geographic expansion of market, expansion planned for Roller Flour Mill and Whole Wheat Chakki Atta at Patna Bihar.
  • Further Market expansion to new geographic locations viz., Assam, Nepal, West Bengal, Bihar, Andra Pradesh and deeper penetration to Jharkhand & Odissa.